Flamenco Course Course Bases

Bases of the Flamenco course

1.- The international school of music X, Utrera Suena, will take place in Utrera (Seville), the 10 - 14 July 2017, inclusive.

2.- The specialties that are taught and their teachers in the form of Flamenco are as follows:

DANCE – Adela Campallo, Carmen Ledesma
SING – Tomás de Perrate
GUITAR – José Antonio Rodríguez, Serranito
MARIMBA – Antonio Moreno

3.- The / students will take both individual and collective classes, in morning and afternoon. In addition all Flemish specialties include compass workshop (by Torombo), Combo workshop (taught by José Antonio Rodríguez) and the paper by Antonio Moreno. For more information see the schedules of each specialty.

4.- The amount of the registration amounts to the amount of 120 € in the fields of Dance, Sing, Guitar and Marimba, and 300 € in specialty Flamenco piano.

5.- To enroll you must send the registration form, duly completed, along with a copy of the bank receipt of the registration deposit for any of the following means:

Post Mail

Municipal Cultural Delegation
Utrera Suena
C / Rodrigo Caro, 3
41710 UTRERA


Email: cultura@utrera.org
Phone (34) 955 860 931
Fax: (34) 955 862 056

Bank Account to enter the registration fee

ES25 0073 0100 52 0487195411

6.- The deadline for registration is until the day 30 June of 2017.

7.- The number of places this is limited. Be accepted up to 10 students per speciality in strict order of registration. Will be communicated to students not admitted immediately non-admission, as well as be immediately refund the full amount of the registration.

8.- At the conclusion of the school, students receive diploma certifying their participation in the corresponding mode.

9.- The simple act of participating in the School assumes, by students, full acceptance of these terms, as well as, changes, force majeure, were to be taken.

10.- Any matter not reflected in these rules shall be decided by the City of Utrera.

For any inquiries should be addressed to :

Casa de la Cultura
City of Utrera

Phone. (34) 955 860 931
Fax: (34) 955 862 056
(Hours 8 h a 15 h)
Email: cultura@utrera.org