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Adela Campallo

Finalista in contest of young performers of the Seville Biennale of 2002. Since that season, starts a closer collaboration as a soloist in the company of Antonio Canales and subsequently in the Andalusian dance company.

He left sample of his dancing in the didactic collection "Ritmo Flamenco rhythm", and the recording of an audiovisual presentation for the American firm's audio BOSE, with Juan Diego and Angel Munoz.

He has participated in numerous shows such as: Flamenco Festival USA, Festival Flamenco de Mont Marsan, Original Madrid Flamenco, VII shows Andaluza de Flamenco in Granada, in various editions of the Biennale of Seville and the Festival de Jerez de la Frontera, with shows like "Campallerías", "Horizon among others". And their collaboration as a guest artist in the spectacle of Rafael Campallo "Puente de Triana", "7 may", as well as in the show "the tip and root" directed by Rafaela Carrasco in the Teatro de la Maestranza of Seville.

Today, It is one of the artists most projection of the generation of the current landscape of flamenco, managing your own company, of which has given a lot of talk with large critical.

Carmen Ledesma

Ldancer Carmen Ledesma (Seville, 1956) considered a lucky «to decorate with dancing monsters of flamenco» and understands that, "but without the force when he was twenty years old, Yes I can hear better singing and dance express what I feel".

The dancer Carmen Ledesma (Seville, 1956) considered a lucky «to decorate with dancing monsters of flamenco» and understands that, "but without the force when he was twenty years old, Yes I can hear better singing and dance express what I feel".

Carmen Ledesma path goes back to 1960, When he debuted with only four years. In 1983 was crowned with the award Joan Macarrona in the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba. He trained with Antonio Gades in the National Ballet of Spain and Mario Maya companies, Farruco or Curro Velez, among other major figures of dance.

He was teacher to the legendary Enrique the lame. They sang for her Camaron de la Isla and Naranjito de Triana, Lebrijano or José Menese, in the memorable show my solitude «come» (2004-2007) directed by Joan Albert Amargós at the head of a Chamber Orchestra and the touch of Eduardo Rebollar

Tomás de Perrate

NACE in Utrera (Seville), the 6 June 1964, at the heart of a gypsy family and singer. Son of José Fernández Granados (Utrera Perrate) and Tomasa Soto Loreto (daughter of legendary singer Manuel Torres).

I had always developed his art within the family sphere, being from Christmas 1999 when externalized their feelings by singing. His first participation, along with other family members, is captured in a recording is titled "Christmas in Utrera" where he plays the endearing sing "The Campanilleros" by Manuel Torres. Since this is the first step in the sing, without having sung in public yet, was present at a party where, among many artists, was the dean of journalism Flemish, Miguel Acal, who after hearing, days later wrote about it saying: "It was four minutes, singing, por bulerías to become tattered shirt. This green, very green, but it is a high carat diamond, father and grandfather assembled in his voice, sweetness and solemn pace and the echo unnerved father Manuel ".

This view and that of other artists of the family, Lebrija, Pedro Peña, Miguel Funi, Antonio Moya, Dorantes, Gaspar de Utrera, encouraged to investigate the Tomás, rehearse the songs and put them into practice. His first major performance was made in the year 2000 Festival in Mont de Marsan (France), on a hit show, next to Pepa of Benito and Manuel de Paula, called "Roots of Light". That same year he participated in the "stew Utrera Gypsy" and the "First World Flamenco Fair Seville", all this when he was six months barely singing.
Besides offering various entities recitals Andalusian flamenco, Casa Bermeja (Malaga), Society Cante Grande (Algeciras), Taranto (Almería), the Piyayo (Malaga), becomes a regular singer flamingos cycles organized by the Council of Seville. It carries out the artistic direction of the tribute to that offered to the figure of Perrate de Utrera, held with great success in the "Second World Flamenco Fair Seville". In the "Bienal de Flamenco 2002" was awarded with the "Weather vane to the newcomer" Award offered by the specialized critic and a Committee of experts of the Organization, for his role in a show "Countryside", award that promotes it among fans and critics, and that leads him to sing many forums, festivals and theater. For several years participated in the activities organized by Turismo Andaluz flamenco face visitors, consisting workshops, courses, conferences, recitals and performances with other artists, among which one with the distinguished pianist "Dorantes".

In July 2003, added to his artistic talent, that of lecturer, thanks to its deep and intimate knowledge "Utrera's singing Yesterday and Today", and as a complete artist, illustrated his words with his singing, accompanying the same to the guitar. Is pronuncio por primera vez "L` school of Music and Dance "Mont de Marsan, within su flamenco festival.

In March 2004 was invited by the "Department of Romance Languages ​​and Literatures from Harvard University", junction's Antonio Moya, Ramon Soler and Pierre Lefranc.

In September 2004 is invited to participate in "XIII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla", where it was the best show of that edition, along with Chocolate, Bernarda de Utrera, Miguel Funi, Pepa de Benito and Angelita Vargas, where Thomas, appears as bastion rescued for singing and novelty consecrated.

This same year he met, I will definitely, going to be a mainstay in his life and career, Ricardo Pachon, and with his inseparable companion Antonio Moya, and with the collaboration of great musicians and great friends edited, "PERRATERIAS", title of the first album Perrate Thomas, which went on sale in December 2005 Flamenco Vivo stamped, foot giving a show, the same name, presented at the Biennial of Seville 2006 which gave way to one of the great success swivels, by all Spain and that it established him as a first-line flamenco artist and led him to participate in the most important festivals and international cycles. In 2007 cocarries out "CARMEN ROUGE" in key flamenco singer, by Bruno Blairet and Clhoe Rejon, (French production), Juliette Deshamps a version of CARMEN, which leads you to act in the best theaters of France. Now, Tango is part of System, junto a J. Jimenez, Daniel B. Marente and Bobote, whence rinden tribute to Astor Piazzolla, Flemish code. Also forms part of different shows with many of the leading figures of the current scene such as Israel Galván, that worked for years, and that is turning the world with "FLA – Co. – MEN", While still with the presentations of the spectacle that is the result of his latest album "INFUSED".

José Antonio Rodríguez

Flamenco Guitar
Is considered to be one of the few composers of flamenco music with international prestige. To this we must add its brilliant interpreter and teacher characteristics. It has a broad curriculum that supports you as a necessary reference in the world of flamenco music. They have with important awards. In 1987 he releases his work "Guajira for guitar Flamenco Y Orquesta" within the extraordinary concerts on the occasion of the day of Andalusia. In 1988 for its premiere in Seville composed the music for the play "time, Love and death"with choreography of Mario Maya. It has five albums solo recording playing his own compositions, "Calahorra" and "Flower Alley", "Manhattan of the border", "The legend" and "Cordoba... in time", as well as the Dvd live "Cordoba... in time" recorded at the Gran Teatro de Córdoba.

In 1990 He releases his concert for flamenco guitar "Wind of freedom" and this is his most ambitious work, in collaboration with, in the orchestration of Joan Albert Amargós. In 1994 It is composed by Joan Albert Amargós the play "Réquiem" for the world premiere of the Andalusian dance company choreographed by Mario Maya. It also intervenes in the staging of the show "A dark" along with Enrique Morente and Esperanza Fernández. In 1995 He participated in the film "Flamenco" by Carlos Saura. He participates in the recording piece "Eve Gitana" accompanying Camarón and Paco de Lucía. In 1997 He composed "El Jaleo" work commissioned by the Andalusian Centre of dance, with choreography by María Pagés and Fernando Romero. In 1998 his latest album "Manhattan of the border," presents in the Bienal de Arte Flamenco de Sevilla. In the year 2000 It produces and collaborates on discs from well-known artists such as Esperanza Fernández, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Enrique Morente, Manolo Sanlúcar, Joan Baez... He participated in important national and international guitar festivals. In 2001, commissioned by the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba, premieres "The guitarist blue", symphonic work in four movements for guitar and Orchestra. Enric Palomar makes the Orchestration, and it is directed by Joan Albert Amargós. This year it is starting to work as a teacher in the courses of guitar of Cordoba which directs Manolo Sanlúcar. In 2003 It is composed for the ballet "The legend" the Andalusian company dance premiere in La Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla and subsequently included it in his repertoire of the National Ballet of Spain.

In 2003 He composed the work "Time" for the National Ballet of Spain with choreography by Joaquín Grilo released the 23 January of the 2004. In 2004 begins a world tour, presenting new work record "NO ES LO MISMO" as a guest artist Alejandro Sanz. Wheel in Madrid the IBERIA-Carlos Saura film dedicated to the composer ISAAC ALBÉNIZ. In 2006 Premiere of his new work "CORDOBA in time", and he composed the original music of the CARMEN Ballet with choreography by Aída Gómez. In the 2007 Lola and the heart of the Earth premiere films, where is involved in its soundtrack. It carries out the production of the Esperanza Fernández 'Memories' record. He has been involved as an interpreter in the film "ALATRISTE".

He continues his tour of concerts in Spain, Mexico, England, France, Russia, USA, etc.. Concerts in France (Nimes Festival), Madrid (Festival CajaMadrid) and (Solidarity Festival), Russia (Concerto for guitar and Orchestra at the Guitar Festival in Kaluga), Seville (Cycle Cajasol) Concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London (England) Skirball Center of New York, Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, Festival Julian Arcas from Almería, Córdoba Guitar Festival.

He has published the didactic work "of FLAMENCO to all the MUSICS" Ed. Octahedron, of which he is author next Calixto Sánchez, Manuel Herrera y Antonio Cremades.
Performs a tour of USA (Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles (California) Portland, Lincoln City (Oregon) Also gives courses and Master class at different universities in California. It occurs for the first time in Australia (Adelaide Guitar Festival) playing the Inaugural concert of the Edition 2014.

In 2015 He released the cd "Perfect Strangers" from WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO. It is guest artist in the beginning of Tour syrup ALEJANDRO Sanz in Cordoba before 12.000 people and in the final concert of the tour in Seville before 40.000 spectators. In November a mini tour of presentation of the cd "Perfect Strangers" from WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO perform in Moscow and Kaluga (Russia) as well as the "Alexander Frauchi" Festival closing concert .

Acts the 23 January at the prestigious Los Angeles NAMM music fair (USA). He was elected as WORLD OF THE GUITAR TRIO (José Antonio Rodríguez, Roman Miroshnichenko and Henrk Andersen).

Recently in this year 2016 International released his new album “"Goodbye boys...", thus beginning the international tour “Manhattan from the border” 2016 – 2017.


Flamenco Guitar
Guitarrista and flamenco composer born in Madrid (Spain). Self-taught than when was 12 year-old jumped into the professional world. Considered to be one of the most virtuoso guitarists of history, and that throughout his career has demonstrated a great facility for the execution, as well as an unusual concern for their own development and their own artistic development.

It starts in the guitar at eight years of age, with few teachings of his father, and little later begins to work together with his older brother, in a Trio called "The SERRANOS", Hence the diminutive of SERRANITO, for being the more small group. VÍCTOR MONGE is already a legend in the history of Spanish music. His virtuosic technique, coupled with his musicianship it recognized as one of the major representatives of the Flemish. The admiration of classical musicians brought their tireless work and their novel ideas to enrich the flamenco music also.

Holder of a thorough knowledge of Flemish culture, a musical intuition a self-demanding spirit and extraordinary, It is characterized by care meticulously for the balance of his compositions, adjusting the complexity and precision to harmony, creating the tension needed in each cycle of the composition, collecting the essence of flamenco root and recreating it in its own vital conception. All a display of accuracy and flamenco feeling that Serranito has impressed in all their albums and has walked by a countless number of stages all over the world. Deep and transcendent, his performances are live at full force; But austerity also: rhythmically gentle silences, strength and tone, Classic cadences highlighted in the technique, giving each note a colorful Baroque deep.

After join the larger figures of the genre, Edit in 1960 his first solo album. At age twenty-one he meets master Narciso Yepes acquiring knowledge of such distinguished maestro. In 1969 became independent as a concert guitarist. In 1970, Master Andrés Segovia, makes you get your invitation, through the mediation of the constructor of guitars, Jose Ramirez, to hear you play live. Giving your critical written and signed, he criticizes that the same SERRANITO asked, on the occasion of his debut at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. From 1970, made numerous tours, giving back to the world several times.

It has gone down in history as the first guitarist Fleming who took his art to the India, representing the Spanish music in the most various scenarios of the world.

His first major recognition came in 1971, year in which Cordoba won the national award of guitar "Ramón Montoya", and in Jerez de la Frontera, the Chair of Flamenco in 1978. Serranito was invited by the Foreign Affairs Ministry to Strasbourg on the occasion of the accession of Spain to the Council of Europe.

In 1982 He premiered his Concerto for guitar and Orchestra "Symphonic Andaluz" at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

Outside Serranito scenarios he has composed music for films and documentaries. Yours is the music of the Spain Pavilion at the Universal exhibition of 1988 in Brisbane Australia.

In 1993, represented Spain on tour, in the Israel Festival Jerusalem, in Damascus, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Naples, and Rome.

In December of 1995, I act with his group in Bosnia as part of the celebrations of the Dayton peace treaty, that marked the end of the war in the Balkans. In the same year, and on tour in Canada, called you the Prince of flamenco.

In 1996/1997, world tour, representing Spain in the international festivals of music, Turkya, Bulgaria, Budapest, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Bucharest, Poland, as well as the festivals of guitar Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy and Central America.

In 1997, He made a tour of Russia on the occasion of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russia Federation and the Kingdom of Spain. At the end of the tour was imposed upon him the Gold Medal of artistic merit, by the H.e.. Ayuntamiento de Madrid, for his extensive career.

This same year premiere of their concert "Echoes of the Guadalquivir" in Madrid, by subsequently turning by Greece, Switzerland, Germany, South America, and New York.

In 1998/1999 composed his concert “My sound and time”. It premiered at the International Festival of the guitar of Córdoba. Conducted a tour by the guitar festivals in Europe, East and Central American countries. In 2000, interpreted for the first time, the Concierto de Aranjuez, the maestro Joaquín Rodrigo, in the International Festival of music of Galicia, with the Real Filarmonía de Galicia. and directed by the master Ernest Martínez Izquierdo.

At the biennial of Flamenco/Sevilla 2000 presents two worlds and a guitar. He plays the Concierto de Aranjuez with the Orchestra Arsian music, directed by the maestro Ignacio Yepes. He plays both musical manifestations, classical and flamenco.

Then makes a tour by playing the Concierto de Aranjuez in Central America with different Symphony Orchestra in each country.

On the occasion of the Cultural Morocco 2000/2001, tour sponsored by the Ministry of culture, for all Morocco.

With 20 albums, the criticism finds in him a musician with a broad domain of guitar, taking as starting point the analysis of composition, the sense of harmony, the demands of his left hand and the delicacy of his right hand, standards, a style that comes into the revolution of the guitar in the second half of the 20th century. The more intimate truth of this singular artist is the beauty and goodness of spirit. His last work – "Sueños de Ida y Vuelta" with Camerata Romeu, Edited by Fundación Autor, label SGAE – nominated for best flamenco album – 4th Annual Latn Grammy Awards - September 3 / 2003 9PM et / PT CBS and awarded as best disc of guitar solo by national critics.

This work is subsequently carried scene being his debut in the biennial of Seville, on 2004, where receives award 25 Anniversary biennial of Flamenco - Seville. In 2005, it premiered at the International Festival of the guitar of Córdoba their show entitled SOLERA and is granted the award "Tio Luis el's to the Juliana" granted by the school greater Isabel of Spain in its 50 Anniversary.

In the 2007, during the Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid, He has been recognized with the Calle de Alcalá award, granted only to Flemish artists who have developed his artistic career from the capital of Spain (Madrid).

In the 2009, After a tour of Japan he received 9th award Rafael Romero “The hen” Peña Flamenca of Andujar and is claimed to make a tour in Central America, circumstance that serves to the Costa Rica Guitar Festival to celebrate a tribute to Víctor Monge “Serranito”.


Flamenco piano
SIt entencia the sentence of the Professor of flamencology and historian D. Jose Luis Navarro "Dorantes is doing with the piano, giant steps, What makes Paco de Lucía with guitar ". It will make some 15 years that an unusual coming from a family of great tradition Flemish pianist burst onto scene, Dorantes. When he played for years in the Flamenco Biennial of Seville all were astonished: who is this child, and what he is doing? Their first album, Orobroy, It was certainly a contribution of unquestionable value for the instrumental flamenco.

It can be considered to David Peña "Dorantes" (Lebrija, 1969) the Patriarch of the modern flamenco piano. But with some background in the middle of the XX s, This discipline had not known evolution nor as strong momentum before. And with the emergence of "Orobroy" in 1998 opens without doubt the modern era of this instrument in flamenco. Musician of Flemish and academic root in equal parts, David comes from a lineage, He plays great guitar and dominates each of the musical world of his time springs. And as pianist we certainly have one of the most important figures of flamenco in the transition from the 20th to the 21st. Dorantes belongs to one of the most ancient lineages of the Gypsy flamenco, The penalties- Perrrate- Pinini - Bacan. To Dorantes( first Gypsy who studied College piano, harmony and composition) linguistic advancement characterizes him, the contemporaneousness of their compositions, your creative freedom, an artist who shuns versions and standards, an original creator.

His work has been recognized with many awards; DEMÓFILO "breakthrough artist" award 1997, National award of FLAMENCO today "Best Album Orobroy" specialized critics 98, National award of the critical specialized FLAMENCO today "Best album South" 02, National Prize of the critics FLAMENCOHOY "Best flamenco Dvd of the 21st century" 04, Weather VANE time magic/DORANTES-MIGUEL POVEDA - Peppermint 05, Favorite son of Mairena del Aljarafe, Prize DEMÓFILO "Best production of the biennium" 2008, Music Awards nomination 2009 best production, National "8 DE ABRIL" young creator award 2009 Foundation publishes Roma Cultural Institute / Ministry of culture.

Dorantes also makes history and is the only artist in all existence of the Flamenco Biennial of Seville that manages to be rewarded with 3 GIRALDILLOS in a single show: Weather VANE for "Best Original Music South", GIRALDILLO "Best solo musician", Weather VANE for "Best show" as well as the Giraldillo 2010 Without walls! "best music accompaniment in the bass player Renaud Garcia-Fons". In 2010 He was appointed by the Minister of culture elected patron of the public institution – Foundation of Gypsy culture and the 2013 he receives the award national of critics to the best instrumental album without walls!

Its presence in the best festivals and international theatres is consolidated starting from the 2012 with the release of their Album without walls! -NATIONAL PRIZE OF THE REVIEW 2012 -hosting in your journey the best national and international venues such as the Sadler's Wells (London), MIDEM (Cannes), Royal Albert Hall (London), Skirball Theater (NY), Lisner Auditorium (Washington DC), BOZAR - PALACE OF FINE ARTS (Brussels),Theatre Al´Hamabra (First) New Tokyo National Theatre, Sumida Thriphony Hall (Tokyo), Lobero Theatre (California), Teatro Manzoni (Italy), Suzanne Dellal Center (Israel), National Auditorium of music (Madrid), ANTALYA KÜLTÜR MERKEZI (Turkey), the prestigious Cemat Resit Rey Salonoy (Istanbul), ROTTERDAMSE SCHOUWBUR (Holland), THE GRANDE HALLE DE LA VILLETTE ( Paris), Palau de la Música (Barcelona), Teatro Maestranza ( Seville ), BULGARIA CONCERT HALL (Sofia), AUDITORIUM PARCO DELLA MUSICA IN ROME, TEATRE NOUVE DU MONDE (Canada-Montreal Jazz Festival ), SAN SEBASTIAN JAZZ FESTIVAL, SAN JAVIER JAZZ, SUNSET SUNSIDE ( Paris ) , RHINO JAZZ FESTIVAL ( Rive de Giers ) , ARTERY PARAL-LEL ( BCN ), PALACE OF CHARLES V ( Música y Danza de Granada ), PALACIO DE VIANA ( Cordoba ), AUDITORIO NACIONAL DE ALICANTE, FUGUE IN PAYS JAZZ TO CAPBRETON ( Capbreton, France ), UAM POZNAN ( Poland ), Theatre FESTIVAL TENDENCES Monsigny in Boulogne sur Mer ( France ) , JAZZ AU FILE L´OISE (St Ouen l ’ Aumône).

In 2014 It is recognized with the award Joaquin of the order of the musical Arts in Andalusia and presented at biennial of flamenco in Seville, his new job Flamenco to cordes a drive thought a Piano-contrabajo Duet with French virtuoso bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons. In addition opens , low custom of the festival international Cervantino in Mexico, a great production for Orchestra and ensemble intercultural 'Mediterranean without walls! "with high performers of" 7 countries of the Mediterranean as the accordionist Lionel Suarez, Hany ElBadry, the Greek Yanis Papaiounnu, etc.... Dorantes is combierte as well, in the first Spanish musician who receives an assignment of such caliber from the most prestigious of all Latin America festival.

In October of the 2015, he launches his new album walk two, a Duet with bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons French, It occurs in Paris after a successful tour of France and with overwhelming response in press. Dorantes, It has a creative energy that defies the conventional parameters of Flamenco and an unprecedented compositional style, produces a charged intelligence music, a Flemish truth with evocations of jazz, rather unique. A different path, a different journey for flamenco, a well defined adventure, clearly and intentionally disruptive. In Dorantes, is linked for indivisible expressivity and emotion of the flamenco tattooed from his cradle with the intense academic who cultivated day by day, resulting creative freedom so bold and brave as seductive music. Dorantes is really, mark something different. Without musical walls, or social, no border, Dorantes, combines and fuses, friendly and smart, more than three worlds: classical music, flamenco, jazz, more about many related.